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zero down – the best kept secret to help Seattle home buyers today

“How come you’re the only one who ever talks to me about the zero down programs?” Do you know how often I hear that? or “If these are so great, how come I’ve never heard about them?” – I hear that a lot too.

Why have you never heard about these zero down programs? Why aren’t other people promoting them? Why doesn’t anyone else take the time to tell you about them? Let’s figure it out.

First, I don’t really know. I don’t know why anyone does anything ultimately. I mean, who knows why people do stuff?

But I’m old enough to know that if you follow the money, the answers tend to make pretty good sense. So let’s follow the money. First of all, they’re more expensive for the lender to manage which means they’re less profitable for the lender. They’re complicated, they’re lower dollar volume. Lenders make less money on those loans.

For the Realtor, you’re going to buy a less expensive house, and the Realtor needs to be trained to teach the classes First Time Home Buyers use. Then the agent needs to teach the classes and that’s five, six hours out of your life every time you’d lead one. Plus they’re longer term cycles – it takes someone longer to turn into a paying customer. All this means they’re in fact less profitable for the Realtor.

Huh? Go figure. So they’re less profitable for the lender and they’re less profitable for the Realtor, and no one talks about it? Shocking.

Just do the math. If they were more profitable for the lender and more profitable for the Realtor, do you think more people would talk about it? I do.

I talk about it because my value proposition for my clients is educate, advocate, negotiate. Those are the only three things I’m interested in.

That’s why I can’t talk to my clients without making sure they know all the options. I have to teach first time home buyer classes because of that commitment. So I spend my time promoting these zero down programs because that’s what I’m in the business to do, help people build equity, ditch their landlord, and do it in a way that’s safe, sane, and profitable.

Listen, if you have questions – let me know. You can get a copy of my book, Shortchanged by Shortcuts for free. This is one way to get the answers for you no matter where you are in the process so that you don’t get burned. You don’t get in over your head. You don’t get in a position that you can’t afford to be in. Let me know, comment below and I’ll send you a copy of the book- you ay shipping and I’ll buy the book. No problem. And if you’re in Seattle I’ll deliver it.

You want the dates for upcoming classes? Hit up the schedule on my website http://ditchyourlandlord.org and register – they’re free, fun and wildly useful.

I promise it will make a difference for you to get educated in the most expensive thing you’re ever going to buy.


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